StudioMomoko Production Schedule

Even with the move cross-country, I am keeping to the originally announced production schedule. Strike Witches "Proper Path to Glory" is still on track for July of 2013 printing, so we can distribute at Comiket 84 - taking place at 'The Big Site' Tokyo, Japan - this coming August.

Strike Witches
"Proper Path to Glory" Chapter 14 due 10/27/2013
"Untold Tales of the 501st" in layout due 06/2013
"The Promise" finished due 09/2013
"The Monsters of Mahjong Tour" writing due 07/2013
"Walk the Highway" writing due 10/2013

I have the outline for the backup story "Untold Tales of the 501st" and will be sending it to Bud for artwork. If time permits, I will help with the inking and finishes. "The Promise" is finished but will not be released until after "Proper Path to Glory" has been finished and released.

Saki and K-ON! are in the writing stage. It remains to be seen when they will be put on the schedule for conversion into doujins.

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Featured OP of the Month!  |  "Miracle Rush" by StylipS
"Miracle Rush" is the OP for "Saki: Achiga-hen - Episode of Side A", a spin-off of the wildly popular mahjong-infused Yuri-centric anime that is "Saki". Performed by StylipS, this OP maintains the fresh excitment of the other OP's and ED's in the franchise.

Saki is 2013 Square Enix, Picture Magic

Sai Akuto is a new transfer student to the Constant Magick Academy. He hopes to become a High Priest, using his magic to help better society. He is understandably shocked when the oraclular Career Placement Officer determines that Akuto's true career path is “Demon Lord”

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao
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